Will you qualify for Social Security disability?
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Practical advice from a Chicago disability attorney

Having much experience as a Chicago disability attorney, we can tell you that dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a challenging endeavor. It can be hard and frustrating work, take a long time, and require extensive training and experience to become effective.

The extent of the challenge involved in working with SSA is not readily apparent, for the initial application appears simple and SSA invites claimants to apply on their own. But pitfalls abound, and most initial applications are denied. Claimants who are unaware of how the system works are likely to give up at this point, which is a common mistake fatal to your claim.

Instead, you should spend some time learning how SSA’s disability evaluation process works, determine if your impairment is severe enough to qualify, and speak with our knowledgeable Chicago disability attorney early on.

Because disability claims are assessed by SSA on a case-by-case basis, the information we present here can only educate you halfway. The most important information you can learn will be specific to your particular situation. For that reason, we encourage you to complete the claim evaluation form on this page so that my office may learn the facts of your case and give you advice that is specific to you and your claim.

Alternatively, you may email or call our office at (888) 278-8579.

Our Chicago Disability Attorney can probably save you the frustration and heartache so many applicants endure with their claims. If you need a top Chicago disability attorney, we hope to have the opportunity to help you.

About Our Chicago Disability Attorneys

The Chicago disability attorneys can help you get the social security benefits you deserve. If (a) your Chicago Social Security disability application was denied and (b) you do not believe you can work at most jobs, we can probably help you obtain disability benefits. Complete the claim evaluation form on this page or call us to obtain our assistance.


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