Was your Chicago Social Security disability application denied?

Common reasons for denial which can be overcome

Whether you live elsewhere or in Chicago, a Social Security disability application can be denied for many reasons which are surmountable at the hearing level.  One of the most common of these beatable reasons for denial is insufficient evidence.

If your denial falls into in any of the categories below, you will definitely want to consult with an experienced disability attorney.  If not, you should probably still make an exploratory phone call to learn from the office staff whether your claim is worth bringing to the attorney’s attention, for 55% of claimants who proceed to the hearing level are awarded benefits.

Here are four common but readily-beatable reasons why applications are denied:

  1. Incomplete application.  A surprisingly-large number of applicants leave out important information.  Perhaps you meant to supply it when later obtained but never did.  Or you obtained the missing information and sent it in but it never got to the decision-maker.
  2. Lack of appropriate medical evidence.  Doctors rarely understand what the Social Security Administration needs to grant an award.  If your treating doctor did not use an impairment-specific medical opinion form when submitting his opinion of your illness or impairment, then it is likely that he or she did not provide what the SSA needed to render an accurate decision.
  3. Insufficient advance preparation.  If you did not have written or legal guidance when completing your application or any subsequently-requested forms, you may have missed some critical opportunities to present a strong case.  Disability determinations by the Social Security Administration do not follow common sense.  Statements that you thought might strengthen your case could have easily had the opposite effect.
  4. Unhelpful information.  The Social Security Administration does not want to learn the medical aspects of your impairment from you; it will rely on your doctor’s information for that.  The SSA wants to receive from you information about your symptoms.  How severe is your pain?  Is it constant or intermittent?  What aggravates and what reduces it?   If you did not supply detailed information about your symptoms, their effects, and your resulting physical restrictions, SSA may not have had enough evidence to grant your application.

If (a) your Chicago Social Security disability application was denied and (b) you do not believe you can work at most jobs, we can probably help you obtain disability benefits.  Complete the claim evaluation form on this page or call us to obtain our assistance.