Our Chicago social security attorney knows common mistakes made when pursuing Chicago Social Security disability benefits

Claimants seeking Chicago Social Security disability benefits are advised to review and avoid these mistakes made all too frequently:

With initial applications

  1. Many claimants fail to submit a complete application.  If you submit an incomplete application, your disability examiner may not have the time, energy, or inclination to contact you to obtain what is needed.  The missing information may be the difference between denial and award.
  2. Similarly, a high percentage of applicants do not supply a full 15-year work history.  “15 years” means the 15 years prior to when you quit working or when you claim you became disabled, and not 15 years from the date of your application.  If you worked after the date you claim you became disabled, you must detail those jobs in addition to the jobs worked in the 15 years prior.
  3. The Daily Activities Questionnaire is very important and applications frequently are decided upon the information provided on them.  Unfortunately, many applicants do not supply the information needed for an award of disability.
  4. The disability examiner needs your complete medical records to make a decision.  You can help the disability examiner with this critical step by (a) providing a full list of your treating sources, (b) contacting the examiner with any address changes for treating sources, (c) showing up for any Consultative Examination, and (c) nudging your treating sources to timely send your records.
  5. Many claimants are shocked and angered when they receive a denial.  They then become discouraged and give up.  Don’t be one of them.  Mentally prepare yourself, first by knowing that almost 70% of applications are denied, and second by understanding that the application is the first of several required steps.  Being denied means you have completed step one.

The pursuit of Chicago Social Security disability benefits has many pitfalls.  Most are avoidable, so our Chicago social security attorney encourages you to educate yourself about the process by reviewing the relevant pages on this website.