How to Get Disability Benefits for Pneumoconiosis by Meeting a Listing

To determine whether you are disabled at Step 3 of the Sequential Evaluation Process, the Social Security Administration will consider whether your pneumoconiosis is severe enough to meet or equal the pneumoconiosis listing. The Social Security Administration has developed rules called Listing of Impairments for most common impairments. The listing for a particular impairment describes a degree of severity that Social Security Administration presumes would prevent a person from performing substantial work. If your pneumoconiosis is severe enough to meet or equal the listing, you will be considered disabled.

The listing for pneumoconiosis is listing 3.06. To meet the listing, you must have a form of pneumoconiosis that is demonstrated by appropriate imaging techniques. Your forced vital capacity (FVC) reported in pulmonary function testing must be equal to or less than the values specified in Table II below (corresponding to the person’s height without shoes):

Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency

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